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Ez-B & Windows Media Player ?

Hey All

I have a embedded PC on my robot with a screen.
I have tried to use the "Exec" command to get a movie to play on the screen through Windows Media Player.

Exec("C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player.exe", "D:\Movies\movie.wmv")
(The movie.wmv is on the D: drive of the system.)

Error: "The system cannot find the file specified"

I am sure the file call is correct, so it got me thinking can it call up the media player to play a movie?



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United Kingdom
If WMV files are associated with WMP I assume Exec"("D:\Movies\movie.wmv") would work?

In fact, I know it would. I just tested it executing an MP3 and up pops WMP with the MP3 :). The same would work for any file extension association.

Finally found my problem.

Exec("C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player.exe", "D:\Movies\movie.wmv")

I should have had:
Exec("C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe", "D:\Movies\movie.wmv")

After missing the wmplayer.exe came back to post, then REREAD your post I see all that was needed was the shorter version.


Live and learn.

Thanks for the help Rich.
United Kingdom
Your way is the better way. If your WMV is ever not associated with WMP it could confuse Windows, and that's never a good thing (or difficult).