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Ez-B V4 Loses Connection To Wifi

I'm using an adjustable power supply (0-18V and 0-3A) to power my EZ-B v4. But it seems that every time I'm moving some servo's a bit too fast, the controller loses connection to my wifi. As long as I make sure the movements are very slow it usually doesn't happen. Could it be that my power supply can't deliver enough amps? Would using a 2 cell Lipo fix the problem? The only Lipo's I've got lying around right now are 3s, so I'm not able to test it right now.


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Does your power supply display the amount of current being provided when this fast servo condition occurs?


This is a brown out. Your adjustable regulator output voltage is dropping under current draw in excess of what your regulator is made for. This sudden drop causes the connection to reset. Use a good battery or you can buy/make a more stable benchtop power supply. I have made descent ones with cheap pc power supplies. Ofcourse use a good condition or even new working one.:) hope this helps bro! - Josh


Hi @Micropuller

It is just as you suspected and as Josh has confirmed, your power adapter just can't handle the in-rush current requirements of the servos and drops the voltage (browns out) as a result.

We definitely recommend using 2S (7.4V) 25C LiPo batteries, that's what we use for our robot kits.


I found a 2s Lipo in a small robot I built some time ago. Hopefully I'll have some time on my hands in the next couple of days to give it a try. Will keep you posted.


I got around to do a little test yesterday. Using a 2S 2200mAh Lipo, the problem was gone. So it was indeed the power supply that was causing it.


So thanks, for confirming my suspicions!