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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Ez-B V4 Audio Jack?

I thought I read something about the v4 having an audio jack(3.5mm headphone plug) on it. Is this true? Or am I imagining things again.


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no audio jack - but you can solder 2 wires to the speaker connector
Here's a pic of the bottom of the EZ-B v4... you can see the 2 holes? Those are the optional speaker holes if you wish to add your own speaker. You can solder 2 pins into those holes and voila!

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Great! Have a dog idea for my roli mega project. I dog robot speaker meet the ez-b!
I was going to ask this question after I received my V4 board but I'll do it now. As far as adding another speaker; I'll want to run a large speaker like a car speaker. Will I have to run that through an amp first or will EZB push that?
@dave, I'm just guessing but, I would assume it would be just like hooking a speaker up to your car stereo. You'd send the audio signal from the EZB to the amp then the amp to the speaker(s). I'm still learning electrical math but, I'm pretty sure the EZB would only push out about 10 watts. 5 volts * 2 amps = 10 watts.

That's based on the info that DJ uses a 5vdc power supply at his bench and I know I've read somewhere that it's 2 amps. Someone please, correct me if I'm wrong. *confused*

Now that I think about it, the stores description of the v4 does say it has an amplified speaker so, I guess we need to know if that optional port is using the internal amplifier and how many watts that amp is putting out.
Yeah, you'd need another amp.