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Ez-B V4 And Camera Combo


I want to know if your products can make a line follower with Quadcopter?



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Yes - you do not need any hardware. Simply use the ARC software. The ARC software connects directly to an Parrot AR Drone without additional hardware.


Yep, no hardware needed. Just connect to the drone over wifi and open the ar drone control in ARC to control it. To make it follow a line, you would need to do some ez-scripting referencing the camera control which will display the ar drones camera feed.

Dominican Republic

I just need to buy v4 EZ -B Robot Controller Wi - Fi without the camera?

Dominican Republic

and how i do ez-scripting? confused @MazeHorizon0-Techno


Nope. You don't need an ez-b at all. You connect to the ar drone over its wifi.

First, play with the ar drone control. This will show you the different capabilities of the control. Then, with the new plugin that adds a variable for the location on the camera grid, you would program in EZ-Script what happens when the line is in that zone on the camera grid. I believe you would have to install the plugin for it, but if you can find it it is very easy.


Look at the tutorials available first to get a feel for how it will work.



If you have an ar drone 2 you won't be able to access the camera.
that is incorrect. It was fixed at least 6 months ago.