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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Ez-B V3 Will Not Connect Since Update And New Computer

I use COM3 and it gives the following message

(This device is not an EZ-B). Please follow the online tutorials

If I use COM4 or any other it says could not connect.

When I try COM3 the red light stops blinking on the board, but as soon as I dismiss the message (This device is not an EZ-B) it disconnects and starts flashing again.

I have upgraded to a new computer, and last used my EZ-B in 2014.

Im going to try an older pc and see what happens
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Have you paired the new computer to your ezb3? If so check under the bluetooth settings (or device settings) in your PC to see what Com port it is actually assigned to... It may be Com 5/6 or Com7, Com 9, etc, etc... The ezb3 or any other device is not guaranteed to be on Com 3...
Also use the firmware upgrade utility and ensure your v3 has the latest firmware
It is showing com 3 and 4 after adding bluetooth device ez robot. I have never updated the firmware so i will try that tonight. Looking forward to getting the version 4 soon
Thank you DJ

I updated the firmware and walle is now working like he used thanks