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The V3 kit has been discontinued.

They may begin surfacing on ebay when the V4 dev kit is out to everyone and available for immediate dispatch though. Or some forum members may have one for sale.

Why the V3? Chances are it will cost the same as the V4 kit or a little less yet the V4 is far superior.


I can't seem to find an alternive way to power the v4 besides the power shell. With the v3 all you need is a dc jack.

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You can remove the mini deans on the EZ-B and change it for any connection you want. Or build a mini deans to barrel jack connector or whatever connection you want.


Ok thanks now I think I'll stick with the v4.


I already answered your question in your other post... And as I said, you can power the V4 without the shell attached... By the way, all you need is a dc barrel jack with the V4 too... But if you need to because of removing the shell then use a mini deans connector. They cost maybe a few dollars and they are a dime a dozen... And if you really need a barrel jack connector, I am sure there are mini deans to barrel jack adapters out there...


I searched on eBay for a mini deans to barrel jack adapter and I couldn't seem to find one. If possible, could you please give me a link.


Micro Deans and Barrel jack This is the easiest way... Just solder 2 wires to the mini deans the attach it to the barrel connector with the 2 set screws on the barrel connector... 10 minute job... Tops...

Edit Correction... as Rich stated... These are micro deans...

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They are actually micro deans not mini deans.



Thanks I can't seem to figure out how to close a chat


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