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Ez-B V3 Bluetooth Connectivity With New ARC Software

I have the EZ-B v3 and it is now discontinued. When I downloaded the newest version of the software, it does not allow me to use Bluetooth to connect. How can I connect via Bluetooth using the new software with the EZ-B v3? If that is not possible, can I download a previous version that will allow me to connect via Bluetooth?

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I am trying that but it is unable to connect, do i need to reset the EZ-B?

I know i should upgrade but want to see if i could salvage this guy.


You can't reset an ezb3... Have you set up a com port in windows for it? Meaning have you connected to the ezb via Bluetooth within Windows first (like you would with any other Bluetooth device)?


That is correct. I was able to see the COM ports as well; however, when i try to connect to the second one i receive an error saying to check the debug log.


Reading the debug log, it seems to be a timeout issue. I also tried to update the firmware, but it was not able to connect to the EZ-B.

I am able to pair to the laptop and my two com ports show up.

I am running windows 10, let me know if that can be an issue.


Windows 10 should not be an issue. Did you try both com ports? The 2nd one is usually the correct one, but not always.

If has been a very very long time since you ran the V3 you should probably run the firmware updater and get it to the latest version. That will also confirm the BT connectivity is really working as well. If the firmware updater also can't connect, then there may be something wrong with the V3.



Thank you everyone for your help! I will try one more time and if it does't work then I will maybe buy a new EZ-B v4.


Hello, Chris818. I have a similar story. I used my old notebook with oldest EZ-B software version 2012. In her window "Connection" I have the opportunity to choose not only the IP address, a COM port too. You can select the COM port of your BT connection and connect to the robot.

P.S. A new version of the robot 4 I have also ordered.