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Ez-B V3

Hello, I bought the EZ-b robot kit many moons ago (approx 5yrs), The v3, yes I know it's discontinued ?? Life has been chaotic and my robot project has been slow in the making. Long story short, I can't find the documents that came with it, so I don't have the Bluetooth password. Please help! EZ-B V3


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it will be either 1234 or 0000.... pretty much standard for most bluetooth devices


wondering, can the old ezb-3 still be purchased anywhere? as I have many Wow Wee robots that could still work with that old one?...I got about 4 of these big ones with bad motor boards,motors are still good though.... RSV2


I have an extra one that DJ gave to me when I visited the shop a little while back, I'm willing to part with it. I have enough other projects going on right now!


Yes interested as I still love the wow wee larger robots I have, I get them cheap on Ebay as most of them have the poor wiring defect and need complete re-wiring to work again but I am patient enough to give it a go. I have the RS Media that I got partially alive but the sound board seems damaged and an EZB could solve this.Just wondering if I can still find software to support it? You can email me at for pricing/purchases dealing.Thanks.