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Ez-B V 3 And V 4 Compatibility?

Would the V3 board work in tandem with the V4 board in ARC? Is the V3 board still gonna be supported or does everyone need to upgrade to V4?


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I am sure DJ has said the V4 will be backwards compatible and previous versions will continue to be supported. Obviously ports D20 to D23 in ARC (when it's updated) wont work on the V3, neither will camera, audio etc. but I'm confident enough to say all old boards will remain to be supported.


That's great news Rich! Just got my V3 kit 2 months ago (the last one on Makershed) and it would've sucked if it became obsolete before year's end!

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I can't see it becoming obsolete, there will just be features in ARC that are not supported by the V3 possibly.

Support, help, guidance etc on the V3 will always be there even if EZ-Robots decide to stop supporting it themselves since 100% of the forum users with an EZ-B currently run a V3 (or earlier in some cases) and I'm sure you've noticed by now that the community helps out so much here.

If nothing else, I'll continue to be using V3s on my current projects so there will always be one person here supporting and offering guidance on the V3 :)


It appears that the power connector on the EZ-B V4 is different from the EZ-B V3 power connector. Any thoughts on having an adapter cable in the EZ-Robot Store to allow those with cabling already in place for the EZ-B V3 to more easily swap to an EZ-B V4?

Also there was some hints a while back about a UART connection on the new EZ-B V4 allowing one EZ-B V4 with Wifi to send pass commands to other EZ-B boards. Could this perhaps allow an EZ-B V4 board to pass commands to an EZ-B V3 at some point? In theory one could just on unplug the Bluetooth module from an EZ-B V3 and plug a jumper to from the EZ-B V3 Bluetooth COM port to a new EZ-B V4 UART port. A premade cable for this would also be nice. As well as a premade cables for daisy chaining EZ-B V4s.


@Rich , What do you mean by "camera, audio etc" wont be supported with the new V4 EZB's. Are you saying those of us that have the MP3 trigger boards and old cameras wont be able to use these setup's with the new V4's? eek

What else will this new board make obsolete in my robot?

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No I'm saying the new stuff that the V4 has (wifi, audio etc.) is obviously stuff that those who have the V3 will miss out on.

The V4 wont take anything away from the V3, and if that does ever become the case then keep hold of an old version of ARC.