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Ez-B To 9 Volt Battery

Hi guys just woundering can you hoke up an ez-b to a 9 vollt battery because 6 aa batteries are 9 volts and if I could use a 9 volt battery it would give me alot more spase in my wall-e.
Dante *confused*


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In one of the tutorials DJ explained that it would work, but only for a very short time. 9 Volt batteries go dead very quickly when you pull any sort of amperage out of them.
United Kingdom
As @Danger has said, a 9V PP3 battery has very little charge in it, you're looking at around 500mAh on average. So you would find it doesn't last very long before it goes flat.

If you need to save space I would suggest using a LiPo battery. They come in many sizes and shapes but they are the biggest capacity for their size and weight.

Take a look at the Turnigy Spektrum range, they do a 4000mAh 2S LiPo which is only 71x50x19mm
You can but as mentioned why would you want to? 9V batteries have very little power. They are meant for low power draw devices like smoke detectors and multimeters. They are not meant for high draw devices like motors and cameras etc...
tanx guys sory for geting back to you so late, if just been so busy