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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Ez-B Through A Router?

I bought a router for 25 bucks and got it working. Now I'm rethinking. Is it possible to connect the ez-b to a network/wireless router?

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Yes, the EZ-B(3) can be connected using the WiFi UART. There are several hundred posts about how to go about doing that. Search the forum.
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In addition, the V4 can connect via a router or adhoc to the PC, I guess pretty much the same way as the V3 modification works.

I did plan on doing a short tutorial on this however, since the Elechouse WiFi UART module I ordered requires more power than the EZ-B can supply it's sat on the back burner for now, to be honest I didn't want to get all involved with further voltage regulators to make it work. But the information on the forums (and there is a huge topic on it) should be enough to show what's needed and how to do it.
Thanks guys. Guess I wasn't very specific on what version of ezb.
Dj said this in another post I Forgot about.

"@technopro, you can connect 253 EZ-B's to a router - or you can connect to them directly."