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DJ? anyone? can I hook up a 35ohm .5watt speaker to the speaker points on the ez-b v4?


I can't say for certain but, I'm guessing that you could. If the EZB can't push the speaker you can always add a small amp.


It's the weekend, you'll have to wait for Jeremie to return to work on Monday and he can answer your question. I'm guessing you will need an additional amp but not certain on that one yet


Hi @Technopro,

Sorry to leave you hanging it's been a busy couple days for me.

The speaker we use with the EZ-Bv4 is an 8ohm 0.5W speaker, the on-board audio amplifier can do up to 0.3W.

The answer to your question is Yes, you could definitely remove the installed speaker and substitute it for your 35ohm 0.5W speaker soldered to the external speaker port but I'm afraid that you might have quite a bit of a lower volume coming out since the 35ohm speaker is so high in resistance (lower power output). I guess if the cone of the speaker was fairly large you might be able to get comparable volume but I'm not certain of it.

There's a solder point on the board that you could use to tap off the audio output from the chip and run it into an external audio amplifier like DJ mentioned if you'd like to get more than 0.3W output. You could also grab the audio from the speaker port and run it into an amplifier to get even more amplification but I wouldn't recommend it as you would probably see more distortion than you'd like.


@technopro Are you sure of the specs on that speaker? Every speaker I have ever owned has been either 4 or 8 ohms. The wattage requirements varied by speaker size, but the resistance was very consistent across all sizes and brands (95% were 8 ohm).



Alan, The exact speaks on the speaker are 32ohm .5W.

Hmmm. well, is there any way to move the onboard speaker? and how big is it?


Can't you just buy an 8ohm speaker from somewhere? They are only a couple of bucks at the most...

United Kingdom

Pull one out of an old PC, they don't get used much these days (I never connect them up unless the PC is having BIOS issues), RAD, Wall-E... I'm sure there's something around that has a small 4 or 8ohm speaker in it.


Well this is a subject i actually know about. Yeah I am not sure why you would want to use a 32 ohm speaker. Compared to an 8 ohm speaker you will get 4 times less volume using the same wattage. Your best bet to buy an individual 8 ohm component speaker. Most home speakers are an 8 ohm and you should be able to locate a small enough one to use.
I believe you will be disappointed if you try and use that 32 ohm speaker.


the speaker is in the robot head i have. it fits perfectly. i wanted to use the speaker to give the impression its talking to you. found another giant speaker thats 8ohm.


Radio Shack stocks a small 1 inch 8 ohm speaker that may work.


If you must use that speaker, you can build a small amp for next to nothing. Here is one example: Google for "altoids tin amp" for many more.



Hey guys this might be a non-issue, as the size of the speaker that comes with the EZ-Bv4 is smaller than a quarter (For reference Canadian quarters are the same size as US quarters) and can be placed just about anywhere. You'll just have to solder some wires to it and the board and extended it to where you want it to go. Even though it's small in size, it packs a punch and can get pretty loud, it's a cell phone style speaker if that helps you compare.

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