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Ez-B Input Voltage Range?

I can't find this information on the site. DJ Sures, what is the acceptable input voltage range for the EZ-B? I'd love to run it off a gel cell. I noticed that there are 4 and 6 cell AA battery holders shipped with the EZ-B so I assume the voltage is regulated onboard. Can it handle 12V input?



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It can handle 12V input, but the regulators might get hot, better put a bigger heatsink or fan on there ;)


Tachyon the simple answer is.yes it could take 12v input but it puts more strain on the regulators ans they will run hot. This reduces your overhead for servo power because of the additional heat. I also run a 12v system which is practical should get a voltage step down converter , there are models that handle 2a to 8 amp for 10 to 15 shipped on eBay. I have one dedicated to powering my.ezb set at 6 volts.


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Great answers, thanks. Sounds like for now I'll use the 6v gel cell and upgrade to a 12v later.


Sounds good , a great battery for ezb is ub645 6v on.eBay they are 4.5 amp hours so they could run ez. For.hours before a recharge , they are almost as small as the AA battery pack that comes with ESB kits.