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Ez-B Diagnostics - Help Please!

Hi DJ,

Popped my new chip in today. Still nothing.

I went through the diagnostics video and i'm getting all the right readings.

Board upgraded firmware fine and connects fine.

I'm not reading 5V on any of the D0-D19 connections.

I figure i must have popped something else? Possibly a voltage regulator?

What other things can i check to figure this out?

Help please!


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Lumpy those are the same ports that were going to be ext pwr enabled. Have you ever modded the board for external power? Have you checked the 5v regs to ensure they are putting out 5 volts? So far im suspicious that reg is no longer putting out 5v.


No mods to the board.

I'm looking up the voltage regulator pinouts.

Hopefully I can do a quick swapout.

I have (6) more EZ-B's enroute but would love to resurrect this one if I can.


Nice lumpy you have a stock pile coming@ electronics either work or they dont so its either a bad connection or bad component.


Make sense. The one regulator was always running a little hot with minimal load.

I just tested them.

The regulator closest to the DC barrel jack is getting 4.98v one side and -0.66 on the other side. Where the other side is looking like 5v/5v.

Looks like the one is pooched.

For the life of me I cannot find the EZ-B manual that has all the specs. It used to be online?

Where is it hiding? ;-)

Do you know the make/model of the voltage regulators?

Crap.. I just placed a Sparkfun order. Story of my life!


Model: MIC29300 Output: +5V, 3A Style: TO-220-3

User-inserted image


Perfect thanks!

I'll see if RobotShop has them. I need to get a bunch of battery packs on the go anyways.

Hopefully that'll fix her up.

Thanx for your help!



Not to distract you but hobbyking has 2200 ma Lipo for 4.99 right now , crazy deal. User-inserted image


Ya but they apparently won't ship Lipo's over the border or something like that. So I've heard.

Something to do with DOT having their panties in a knot.


Its shipping from hong kong international warehouse so they do international. Ive ordered 5 times from them. Anyways just trying to help;) - Josh S


Hmm. I'll look into it further.

Thanks for the help!