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Ez-B 3 Support

Hi, my name is Sofiane Larbi, and I'm 12 years old. I bought the developer kit a while ago, but only recently have I had a Windows computer to control it. My friend and I managed to connect the EZ-B 3 to the computer with a dongle, but couldn't figure out how to give the ARC software access to it. There was only an option to connect to it via WiFi, which I presume is for the newer version of the EZ-B. I would really appreciate your help, and though this is a lot simpler than building a robot from scratch, it's still not EZ for me;)

PS: the computer we used is running Windows 10


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Wifi is one option, but the ezb3 uses Bluetooth so you need to connect via com ports... Find out what com port your ezb3 is on (example COM 4) and connect that way instead of wifi... The connection control supports both COM and Wifi so ignore the wifi part and use COM instead...


@JustinRatliff Sorry, but that tutorial was no help. It's for Windows 7 and with an older version of ARC.


To expand on what @Richard R said, click on the IP address and you get the option to select a COM port.

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As it says in the tutorial that @JustinRatliff linked to, select one of the lower of the two ports and click connect.


@Jeremie Thanks a lot man! That really helped, I'll try that out next time my freind and I work on the robot together.