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I have been trying to teach myself C#.

I decided a good way to do this would be to write an application that pulls variables from Roborealm using their API into ARC. The long term goal is to use the AVM module to learn a path that the robot can follow.

While the app is no where near done and the code looks like road kill I was able to get variables from the Roborealm AVM module into ARC. (Thanks to DJ for some good examples)

Here are two screen shots showing it in action.

I am pulling the NV_OBJECTS_TOTAL variable value generated by AVM into a variable $x inside ARC.

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STeven from Roborealm added a module inside of Roborealm that supports exporting variables from Roborealm into ARC so this little application is now obsolete.

However writing this was a fun way to get more familiar with C#.:D