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Ez Users In Silicon Valley?

Anyone local to San Jose Tech Shop or Home Brew Robotics Club?

I asked around the meeting the other day, and was shocked to find no one else who had leaped on the EZRobot bandwagon after the awesome demo last month by DJ Sures.

     Bob O


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Hey bob, I'm surprised as well:) although we do ship many units to California / mountain view area... They don't seem to be active in the community. At least not speaking up often.

I'm down here right now... Not sure how long I'm here for, sometime next week.

Are you going to the hardware con this weekend?


Nope.... This weekend was chasing two year old twin boys around. I am lucky to get the time I do to work on JD. Hope it goes well. Send me a personal email if you can use a glass of wine or cocktail Sunday night.