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Ez Robot Should Get In On This

@DJ & crew.

I saw this on TV about a Cafe in South Korea, and thought of you. (From the 2:45 mark is the really interesting bit).

You said your vision was to have personal robotics in every home. What about EZ Robots in every Cafe or Coffee shop ect.

Strike a deal with your favourite coffee shop chain or eatery, then you get free coffee or doughnuts for life, and the rest of us get to be served by EZ autonomous robots (get a large Roli in on the act). How cool would that be.;)

cool cool You got the tools, & you've got the talent! cool cool

What do you think?

Steve :D


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What do I think (from a business stand point)(about the video): 1.It would be so much faster to just have the person deliver it. 2. How much did those bots cost? A couple hundred each I bet. 3. Bots aren't stylish, really basic look(wires exposed, boxy feel)(I would want my business to be fancy, I would opt for a better looking alternative)

From a robot-isists stand point:

  1. those bot are advanced in some ways, but over all bot quality lower than ez-robots capabilities
  2. Just as easy with ez-robot(online ordering might be different. Someone make a modified http server!).

Great find Steve!

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The points you made certainly are valid ones I agree. In points 1 to 3 (business viewpoint) wouldn't it be great to see a 4ft JD walking around delivering your coffee ect (although you might only end up with half a cup by the time you get it, with his wobbly walk and all:D ). Although he could have a pair of EZ-bit roller skates (or Roli skates as it were). That takes care of having a stylish looking robot, and speed of service.

Or make the larger female head Anthony@XL robots came up with, and have JD say "Here's your order honey" when he/she delivers your order. Hey, it's been done "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." ;)

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