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Ez Robot Decal Ideas

This is specifically for Ideas on decals for eZ robot projects. Since I'm going to make faire I'm going to have some decals made for the robots that have both my name and EZ robot and any sponsors if any. Any ideas on where, how big, and what style decals? Take in mind these will be single color cut from vinyl. I'm decaling the three battle air soft bots, Jarvis 2000, and squeegee Mop bot. I decided to make this a separate thread as others may like a decal and want to have bone made for their robot too.


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United Kingdom
Honestly I would stick to just this

User-inserted image

Perhaps lose the robot if you can only go for single colour.

Simple is often the most effective:)
Yea maybe I could crop out the little robot dude and cut that out in single color.
Hey you know those stickers you see on everybodies car, the ones like OBX in the oval circle, here is one I made.

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
The font is neuropolitical_rg if you wanted to add a tagline like "Powered by ez-robot" or "Making dreams come true" or whatever.

And the blue is #1b75bb

Like I said elsewhere, I'm incredibly nosey:)
Thank you tymtravler, and rich for snooping through HTML to find the font for me lol. Is it a standard font or will I need to download this font from somewhere to use on the plotter?
United Kingdom
Click the link in my last post:)
Ha ha I didn't realize it was a link at first... Nice