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Ez Builder Broke From Win 8 To Win 8.1 Update On Surface

Had Ez Builder 7-29 working and communicating with the EZ B until I upgraded from Win 8 to Win 8.1.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Ez Builder didn't work.

Here's a video of the symptoms:

Any suggestions? I'm trying to downgrade back to win 8 now but it's a pain...




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ARC is not broken. Windows 8.1 is broken. The Internet is full of issues with 8.1.

Restore to previous working version of windows.
I was able to downgrade back to 8.0 and ARC is working again.

I wasn't thinking there was a problem with ARC. Yet if enough folks move in that direction of upgrading the Surface to win 8.1 I wanted to supply warnings and enough information for Ez-Robot to make a patch.

Thanks aameralis for the Asus tablet idea. That would have been best.
Good call. Is 8.1 released yet? I thought it was still a release candidate (RT) or Beta.
You're right, 8.1 was what they called a preview release.