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Ez - B V3

Does anyone know what type of microcontroller is on the EZ - B v3 board? the bluetooth adapter is on the microcontroller and I don't see what is wrote on it.

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I searched for it. I knew it was in an old topic by fred about leds and resistors. It's not conclusive but I'm fairly sure its correct.

Removal of the bt module may expose the pic number. The module just pulls off.


I wonder if the proper chip number can be confirmed and is commercially available from places like Mouser or Digikey. The 18F4685 number Rich gives is available at Mouser but I'd like to be sure. I have a V3 that needs one and hate to bother EZ Robot for one off their stockpile.


OK, I just confirmed the number. 18F4685 is the correct number and is in stock at mouser for 11 USD. 18F4685 Micro Chip

EDIT: there is a $30 delivery charge. eek

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The chip would be useless without it having the firmware and if I recall correctly (based on an old topic regarding bootleg EZ-Bs from China) you can't put the firmware on the chip yourself. I'm sure EZ-Robots would help you out if you need a replacement chip, they are there to help after all.

But, to confirm, yes it is the 18F4685...

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I was wondering about the programming aspect. This is an embedded microchip that can be programmed so I'm sure you're right.

BTW, Digi-Key also has these for 11 UDS and shipping to me is only 10 USD. Digi-Key says they can program it if they can get the code.

Might be a lot easier just asking EZ Robot to help.


I was right. It was a PIC chip. But, you would need the firmware. Oh yeh, Rich had the Exact chip number. So, we were both right.