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Ez B Keeps Dropping Its Connection(Help!)

Hi all!

I am working on my Talon One but as soon as i hook up all the servos, the Ez B dies or sometimes loses connections. May i know what could be the problem?

I tried testing out the servos one by one and they all work. but just that when i try to hook up all the servos at once, the EZ B drops dead. Could it be drawing too much current for the servos?

If yes, what is the other alternative?

Please advice.


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Sounds like a battery issue. What are you currently using?
I am using normal batteries as adviced by many...My rechargable batt is too fat to fit into the battery case given on my purchase..
I'm pretty sure it's a battery issue. You can test it by using a wall plug that is rated between 5V and 14V to see if it's still dropping. As for normal vs. rechargeable, 6 rechargeable AAs (6 x 1.2V = 7.2V) will give you about the same performance as 5 non-rechargeable AAs (5 x 1.5V = 7.5V).
Hi thetechguru

I am using about 9 Servos

Is there too much of a current drawn?
Depends on the servos. High torque, it might be. Low torque, probably not.
If i use a 9V batt with 1800mAh will it solve my issue?
No. 9v batteries don't supply enough amps. DJ talks about this either in the getting started guide or the standard servo tutorial.

This is not my area of expertise (software and networking guy) so hopefully someone else can come in with some troubleshooting advice.
What specific brand of batteries are you using? Can't help unless I have more info....
Get a lithium ion or lead acid rechargable , you have many servos Plus the board.
How do i charge a Lead Acid Batt? issint it supposed to be very dangerous?