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Asked — Edited

Extending The Camera Wiring

I need help on extending the camera cables. Should I just cut them and add in wiring in between?

Or should I buy an extender for that cable type?

What's your opinion?


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I read a few months ago that DJ said it would be just fine to extend the camera. I think I also saw a video one of the EZ Robot techs did showing it could be done (That memory is vague so I may be wrong about that one).

Anyway, you ask a great question. I'm not sure if this camera need shielded cable or if even the cable that comes with the camera is shielded. If unshielded then it would be OK to just splice in new wire to extend it.
Yep I've seen that video. I guess just cutting and soldering wires to extend would be ok?
United Kingdom
Either would be fine. Personally I'd make or buy a 5 pin extension.
I'm with Rich on this. You can go the solder route but getting an extension cable is an all around better idea. I personally prefer to be as noninvasive as possible. Why cut something if you don't have to? It would suck to have an accident and trash your camera somehow. Just my $.02;)