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Everyone Cross Your Fingers!

After months of searching, I found the company who produces the camera that I use. I sent them an email and they replied, in very broken english. They're going to provide a price for me to buy bulk. If the price works well, then we'll have wireless cameras for cheap! I'm really excited:) Let's hope they co-operate.


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Are they Win7(64) compatible?
Sure are! They work even in XP! I use Win7x64:D
I wish i would have read this before I bought one!
Doesn't hurt to have two:) I'm sure you'll have an army of robots! You should see my workshop, it's a serious army of robots. I just wish I had enough EZ-B's for them all:(

Keep in mind that this company may not provide us with a deal at all.... Here's to hoping!
I believe you talked to a Chinese company. If you need a translator, I am here for you ;)
ZZL630, I might just need you! haha, we'll see:)

They didn't get back to me yet... I hope I didn't scare them away
Well, keep us all updated, we are still keeping our fingers crossed.
They sent me an email. Well, more specifically they sent me an email with a new contact. Hopefully this will turn out after all:)