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Error Trying To Add Google Speech Addin

Receive the following errors when trying to add Google Speech Recognition

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


I am running Windows 7 32bit, I have installed the C++ update 3, plugin is version 9, ARC is at the newest version.
Correction this is the BING Voice Recognition plugin, NOT the google.
I tried on a different PC (Windows7, x86) same errors.
Windows 7 isn't supported by Microsoft for Bing Speech recognition. Google search will provide you with more information - and Win7 will be phased out of ARC support in the next release. A warning message to win7 users will be displayed in the next release that no support on this forum will be provided for win7.

Windows 10 was even given away for free to the entire world for an entire year:D those who didn't upgrade....
Thank you for the info. I will upgrade to Windows 10.
Upgraded to Windows10, Bing Speech Recognition is now working.

Thank you DJ!