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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Error Message

I am getting this error message and it is preventing me from saving changes to my project.

User-inserted image

It has a reference to the Inverted Pendulum control that I had a look at and then deleted from the project.

You didn't delete it from the project otherwise it wouldn't get an error. Use the merge option and load all controls into a new empty project.
Thanks DJ, I did as you suggested with the merge. I had deleted the Inverted Pendulum control from the project and it didn't show any more, however, when I went to the Merge function it showed there.
It doesn't show up because of the error - the error is preventing the control from displaying. It was still in the project, it just couldn't load because the configuration file had changed.
OK thanks. Can you tell that I'm anxious to get an Inverted Pendulum?