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Englich Language

does anyone knows where to find a englich language to by or to download,
for win7 home premium.on microsoft is nothing to get.


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yes so i can use that in ARC
I cant understand what your saying. Speak english. LOL;)

Wish I could help. Are you saying you have a Windows version that is set to your native language and want one that will understand you when you give it voice commands in English?
ok dave ik zal een beetje engels praten haha just kidding.

i just need a englich language on my pc so ARC can see it.
United Kingdom
What languages do you have installed on your computer? If your not sure where to find it, follow the instructions below....

Click "Start"

Then "Control panel"

Then click on "Speech recognition"

And then "Advanced speech options"

Then click on the drop down menu in "Language"
only dutsh thats all.there is no advanced speech options
United Kingdom
No problem Patrick. There are a few YouTube videos that show how to do this as well, if you type in "How to change language in Windows 7 Home Premium" you should get a few results back. Might be worth checking out.
i got the mic working .with a video on youtube as you said.
one to go is the speech recog.
ok i got the speech recog working.but sofar jd does it only ones?
Very well done. Steve deserved a gold star for helping you find this. Now you need to train your SR a lot and learn to pronounce your words like a TV news anchorman. Have fun!;)

his advies with the youtube video did the trick.

United Kingdom

Nicely done. I'm pleased you managed to change the language in the end. As Dave said, once you get that voice recognition training sorted so it can understand you better, you will have lots of fun with it.

And thanks Dave.:)
steve g

what does dave mean train your sr?
You need to go into the speech recognition area of windows and train the computer to understand you better. It will ask you to read several sentences into the microphone. As you recite the words windows will learn to understand the way you speak better. Go to that area and look for the train button.
United Kingdom

The advice that Dave has given you is spot on. But I put up a step by step guide should you need it buddy.

1.) Open your computers "Control Panel", then click on "Speech Recognition".

2.) Click on "Train your computer to better understand you". This will now open the Speech Recognition Voice Training wizard.

3.) Click on "Next" then read the sentence that is shown on screen which will be... "I am now speaking to my computer".

4.) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the speech recognition training session. The Training wizard will guide you through some tasks that are designed to help your computer hear how you say the commands available through Speech Recognition.

There is also some further custom training you can do, which helps your computer understand words or phrases which it may have difficulty understanding.

1.) Open up the "Speech Recognition" program.

2.) Say Open Speech Dictionary OR Right-click on Speech Recognition Bar.

3.) Click on "Open the Speech Dictionary". Click on or say "Add a new word".

4.) Type in the word or phrase you want to train. Then click on "Next".

5.) Check the "Record a pronunciation upon Finish" box.

6.) Make sure speech recognition bar says Listening.

7.) Click the "Finish" button.

8.) Click the "Record" button.

9.) Uncheck the "I want to make more modifications to the Speech Dictionary upon Finish" box.

10.) Finally, click on "Finish".

Hope that helps.
Steve, that's great. You also showed me a few things.
United Kingdom

That's cool. I'm pleased you found it useful too. Funnily enough, I wrote the above speech recognition "How to" for an Instructable I'm currently finishing off writing for my Doctor Who Quiz a couple of hours ago. Good timing I guess ;). I dont know if you guys have seen it yet, but you might enjoy the video.

Anyway, glad I could help.