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Emg Sensors

Has anyone tried using any emg sensors with the ez-b yet other than the myo armband if so could you please instruct me on how to wire,program, etc. I havent been able to find anything on this other than the myo armband which I have working the myo is just limited on the gestures it can perform.

Thanks in advance

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When I follow the link to the tutorial shown above by clicking the Open File Project and then making sure Examples is highlighted I don't see "EZ-Script Function Syntax" listed. Has this function been removed or am I doing something wrong? confused


Dj Sures

thanks for the reply

i actually have 2 of these myo sensors at the house. so would the sensor still need its own separate power supply? or could you just simply solder a pigtail on the sensor and plug straight into the ezb's adc port and it work? is there any more in depth tutorials for this feature. Im brand new to all of this and trying to learn so some of it i get lost in at first. i eventually always figure it out but would like to speed up some time


ok so i think i got the wiring figured out. I should just be able to solder one 3 prong connector to the myo sensor and then plug it directly into the ez-b without using a separate power supply/battery, correct?(attached image link for description) or will i still need to have a power supply the image looks as if it could be wired to ezb without a separate power supply. if this is the case will the jumper cables on the ez-robot site work for doing this? by just looking at it, it seems as if it will but just want to be 100%

thank you,


if this image is what you have, take the plug and plug one end into it, and the other end into the EZB analog port.

There are a lot of ways to scan an analog port, but the tutorial will help show you how.

if this doesn't work, I would suggest posting a link to the data sheet for the sensor. It may be that you are not providing enough power to the sensor, but with the information that you provided, we can't tell.

Thanks David



Features: Single supply - MyoWare won't need +/- voltage power supplies! Unlike our previous sensor, it can now be plugged directly into 3.3V through 5V development boards.

yes, just solder headers onto the sensor, then run negative to negative, voltage to voltage and signal to signal on one of the 8 analog ports on the EZ-B. This port will power the sensor fine.


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