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Email Notices And Updating Email Address

I've noticed I've stopped getting email saying there is a new post in a thread I've posted in or started. Has that service stopped?

Also I don't see a way to update my email address if I get a new one. How do I do that? confused

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No Dave but it may have made its way into the junk folder


Well, there is something definitely wrong with my account then. Now I cant even log in with my old old account. I was somehow logged out and I can't log into the form under my old account anymore. I had to create a new account just so I can post or even get help with this issue.

Maybe I was banned? confused

I did change my internet provider from Spectrum to AT&T and had to get a email address and deactivate my old one. However I stopped getting notices a few weeks before the change. Nothing either in my junk folder.


Yep, totally correct. I'm a dope. blush:D

Sorry for sending up a flair.


This is very confusing with two threads on the same topic. Please limit conversations to one thread.

Visit your ezrobot account settings on this website to ensure Receive Notification is checked.

EZRobot cannot diagnose your email software. I recommend contacting the support of your email provide if you're having issues with them. Check your junk folder as well, to ensure ezrobot emails are not going in there.

EZRobot will only send emails to you if the REceive Notification is checked. The email address ezrobot sends to is the one registered with your account.

I've typed this message on both of your threads to ensure you get it - and you'll have an eureka "oh gosh" moment once you figure it out:)


Sorry to bother you on mutable threads. I know how that messes with things. I'm not sure how that got out of hand.

I've done all you suggest several times. Everything looks ok on my end. I'm not saying that it is but I can't find anything out of line. Odd thing is that when I created a new account I was receiving notices just fine under that account Id.

  1. Check your junk mail folder

  2. ensure the email address that you log in with is correct

  3. verify the Receive Notifications is checked in the ez-robot account settings


All that has been done several times. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm petty sure part of the issue is that on my account I'm using at this moment I have listed as contact an email address that no longer exists. I can't find a way to change it in the settings section of this website. The box where it's shown will not let me change it.


From what I can tell, that field can't be modified by the user.


EZ-Robot can only deliver emails to the email address that you have registered with us. That is the same email address that you login with. If your email address has changed, Contact Us to have it changed.


Explaining how email works in this thread is out of scope. However, relate an email address to a home address.

If you move to a new home, any mail address to your previous address will still be delivered to your previous address.

Your email works the same way.