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Electronic Resistance

Just wondering, I was thinking about using the Roomba 650 battery power to power up the EZB tiny and I heard the power can go from 15 to 22 volts.So I know it works with the larger EZBv4,already tried that successfully.I now want to add my Terminator skull that uses automotive 12 volt light bulbs for the red eyes.The theory is that bulbs can act like resistors. So a 24 volt supply can run 2  12 volt bulbs just the same as 1 bulb on 12 volt supply.Question is : will using the 2 12 volt eye bulbs and Ez Tiny at the same time be too much resistance for Roomba battery? (15-22v)(&i suck at electronic math)

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1) I don't think the irobot battery is 22v. I believe it is 14.4v

2) The amperage of the battery is what you care about, and how many amps your accessories are drawing. It's simple math by adding all of the amps together and dividing by the battery's amperage. That will tell you how many hours you will get. I don't think you'll get very much out of the roomba battery. You can buy 4.5amp roomba batteries on amazon, but i doubt they're 4.5 amps, guessing 4 amps. So if you're drawing 2 amps of steady current, and the battery is 4 amps, your battery will last 2 hours (not taking account for battery degradation)
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Thats not too bad,even a 45 minute cleaning run seems good, when it returns to recharge should have the Ezb shut off for 22 volts coming from nest.what i read from Google search.
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You don’t need the ezb to ever turn off. 

add a second iRobot roomba battery in parallel with the installed one. That’ll double amperage. You don’t get more volts, but you do get more amps

long as the second battery is connected in parallel with the internal battery, they’ll charge together
Hey DJ ,I do have a fantastic 7.4 Lipo 5 Amp hour that I can use for the Tiny if needing more amps,but the voltage needed for Terminator 12 volt eyes ,I am hoping to draw from the Roomba battery connection if as you say 14-15 volts coming from the serial cable header. So even 2 eyes both 12 volts each,wondering if they will light up bright sharing roomba power, I do not no how many amps the bulbs use though.
Anyway thanks DJ,for the suggestion of using separate battery to Tiny,will try that since the Lipo can fit inside the Vacuum bin if I remove filter too! If the eyes are not bright I can change them to a couple of super bright star L.E.D.'s and they use less voltage and current.
I don’t recommend mixing a lipo with roomba’s battery 

you can hook up your volt meter in series on amperage setting to check the current draw
I would only use the Lipo on the EZB so should be good.
LOL! Oh I understand what you mean because I normally attach the serial cable to EZB and you can't mix the 2 power supplies, I will be careful not to do that,thanks.