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Eeg Brain Control

Hoping to add Brain wave control of my Robot I have seen it mentioned in a number of forums but would appreciate to hear from anyone who is using a brain wave headset that works with EZ-B Thank you

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I to am interested in working with that after seeing a headset for less that 120$


I'm interested but not sure my brains up to it :D


Maybe someday, but it's not a priority right now:)


Thanks Dj

just reading between the lines in some of the forums I thought some of our robot builders were already using some form of Brain Control confused


I think some people have purchased the sensors. I find them too expensive for the potential functionality. They're quite limiting - concentrate hard and your robot can move forward - stop concentrating and the robot stops. Sounds like a lot of cost for very little function.:)

Maybe someday if i have free time i'll consider adding support for one of the devices - if their prices lower.


most EEG headsets as the are called ,are $200 and very good one at $300 and cheaper the VUZIX that EZB has a interface too mindset eeg headset $200

epoc eeg headset $299 i have the EPOC and controls my rovio and other wowwee robots i have

on mindset i am getting ,does have a interface to arduino board and at a lower cost should be fairly easy to add to EZB


The Vuzix is a great usable product with screens and accelerometer for augmented reality. The EEG headsets do not provide a usable or reliable featureset. You could make your own with the ADC ports of the EZ-B:) Maybe i'll do that one day as a video example for fun:D

If you have programming experience in any C-like language, you can use the C# Script Control to interface with an EEG headset SDK:)


only programming i know is LISPWORKS ,arduino,basic stamp,VBSCRIPT and just learning C++

EEG headsets are the future of robots,some are used in medical and when others cant use arms or talk.and soon i think it can be used to read others mind just like in SLY STONE old movie he made looking at the VUZIX MODEL i see it costs $350 on the EEG headset both can be used on my many robots to control them one free software is ROBOT VISION TOOLKIT using mindset headset


this one is robodance for many nany robots WOWWEE robots and many more


Ez robot supports more robots than robodance and more features - by a large factor. I've researched many videos and robodance and a few eeg headsets. I do not see the value in them yet. Maybe someday:)

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That guy was having problems getting the needle past 60 . so how do ya ask the robot to get a beer?

oh and dont forget the nacho's


DJ the robots controlled by EEG will only add to the lists of more robots controlled like robodance is 13 robots and the list gets bigger and bigger ,just like with any software

get a beer can most likely can be done,it has a lots of sensor controls,just depends on the software

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I kinda meant if it was so hard to move a needle on the screen , how do you give the multitude of commands to do a real task , in somthing like a reasonable time.

I know the tech is still new and will get better in time but that stinks ( "at the moment" ).


PS I think at the moment you are better off with a wimote .


EEG headset is brand new idea,your brain has so many nero centers and we only tapped a few if you look at the sites the headset is mostly for gamming,just like KINECT started out for gamming and now its used for robots,so is the EEG headset,i think soon what every your brain can think of it can almost do.but the EEG headset does need training i am looking to make a telementry suit using it,plus video headset to see,bought some flex sensors to make a VR glove,next is EEG headset and low cost video glasses i may use the EZB for my telementry suit or arduino,since there is code for arduino for EEG headset most likely will use that UNTIL DJ make a interface to EZB

right now i see the headset is used in wheelchair designs to help the handicap people

soon i see in the future i see each person having a headset on and reading each others mind and thoughts


I have a nintendo power glove from the game master competition =) does that count?


Fascinating discussion!

I agree with DJ in that about the only things one can voluntarily do with their EEG focus and space out. I've been researching with EEG for 19 years. We can reliably detect positive and negative emotions as well. One could have far more control over a robot through eye movements than through their EEG. The main reason for this though I suspect is that all EEG filters are based on FFT. FFTs are designed for stationary signals like a tuning fork. The EEG frequencies change in frequency and amplitude dozens of times per second making the only EEG filters used very crude. Yet they work well for training the brain to improve functionality through EEG biofeedback.

Yet if we incorporated Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) into the filtering process of the raw signal we would be able to decipher the EEG into the packets of information the brain uses to transmit through various centers. A college of mine, Carl Pribrum, told me that some parts of the brain receive communications from other parts more quickly than would could be explained by signals sent through neurons. He agreed it was possible that EEG transmissions could be transmitted and received like radio transmissions thus bypassing nerves. For more details you can read a paper I published last year on the EMD as part of what's called the Hilbert Huang Transform in the Journal of Neurotherapy.

I also have some c open source code from Nordin Huang the creator of the Hilbert Huang Transform. To process it in real-time would require translation into a GPU language like CUDA. If you have a hacked neurosky unit that delivers raw EEG let's connect and see what we can build? Machine learning algorithms might also simplify things considerably.

The EEG equipment our company uses is BrainMaster and costs $1800. I'm quite pleased with it and have a dll for the BrainMaster software that we could incorporate with the manufactures permission.


power glove is a great for hacking to make a VR glove to make a good telementry suit,you need eye control.EEG HEADSET AND VR glove


from what i read about the vizux glasses they are not AR GLASSES ,BUT 3 D video glasses with accelerometer WRAP 920 0R WRAP 1200 only one i see that is AR is WRAP 1200AR AT $600 here are the specs on WRAP 920

[url=]WRAP 920 SPECS[/url i think the one DJ is might be using is the $600 glasses,twice the price of the best EEG headset


EEG... hmmm, I can see that as a "emergency reflex" control... like a panic stop as your robot heads for disaster and the operator either freezes up, for a second, on regular controls or just doesn't have time for a conscious reaction.

As I understand, Vizus are video glasses for a 1st person view of your robot (would that be a 1st robot view?), the augmented reality is a software added feature the requires such glasses (for true sense of reality) or really any video output option, the accelerometer is a x/y axis control and an EEG headset would be another form of a control for whatever you program the "stimulus response" for. I don't see these as being easily compared, price or purpose wise... they are too dissimilar. Best use is a combination of some or all to get ones desired results.

I love how DJ's EZ-Robot is getting so popular that I see many posts and requests to add this or that to it... and get a chuckle out of the arguments on the pros/cons etc. Congratulations DJ... you have built something so wonderfully simple yet complex that others want to connect everything else to it... sometimes they just don't seem to get the fact that each and every addition takes a balance of time/cost/value and that something must be ignored so that another can be released into the next update.

I just love reading all these great ideas... and I am sure I will find a reference to a kitchen sink somewhere in the forums as I read along. "Robot sink, wash that dish":)



what i see on the vuzix glasses is a super high cost for most people mostly like EEG because in college i made a EKG machine and your mind is the strongest control you ever have ,be good to add it plus video glasses lower cost ones EEG you can be able to use it like ACCELEROMETER with the right software,plus one is on the robot too ,so with VIZUX mostly all it is a video glasses plus accelerometer,not the same as a thought control system,EEG is mostly new now and NASA is using in the thought control guidance system plus medical field ,not just as EEG MACHINE ,but to control wheelchairs by thought ,when people who dont have arms

also its like another type of sensor or control,doesnt meen to replace the VUZIX glasses,just something at a lower cost for others to afford so far i can control more then 20 robots and the list gets better,i have 6 of the robots to control,love to add my other 60 or so