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Edit Window Not Remembering It's Last Size Or Position

As of the last two updates, the script edit window is not remembering it's last size, partition splitter setting, or position upon closing. It always opens in full screen. Please look into this as soon as possible as it is very tedious to have to change back it every time. Thanks.


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1) The partition splitter remembers when the SAVE button is pressed. Can you verify that the SAVE button is indeed not working for you? I cannot reproduce the SAVE button not remembering the splitter size. Can others verify as well?

2) The default to fullscreen mode is the result of other feedback issues with the SAVE/CANCEL/RUN buttons displaying and being inaccessible under the taskbar on many windows 10 PC's. I will add a Preferences button for people who prefer the old way.
My script edit window opens as it was saved if in full screen.
Yes, I do click the "save" button. But the splitter position is not saved when I shrink the window. However, if I leave the script edit window in full screen mode and move the splitter, the new splitter position is saved and it comes back up properly, but ONLY if I leave it all in full screen mode. As soon as I shrink the window size by clicking the window icon in the middle of the group of 3 icons in the upper right of the edit window, then save it, It not only comes back up in full screen mode when I re-open the edit window, the splitter is set back to mid window. I am using Win 7 and have the latest version of ARC installed. The script itself is saved just fine.
i will make a checkbox in the preferences for users who prefer to not have a full screen script edit in a future release for ya!:D
Thank you so much. I really appreciate that!
np, i'm on it :D. The Windows 10 default text size setting being 125% is hurting so many apps! Many changes are needed to compensate for the large text and small buttons - which is weird. Who makes a default percentage value an odd number like 125% *shrug*