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Ebay Robots Ready For Ez-B

Here is a RAD that is perfect to hack with the EZ-B it's only 30 bucks plus 22 bucks for shipping.


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was the head radio not sold.?
to bad chipping cost are so high. *eyeroll*
Thanks Bret! Are getting back into robot building? I miss your project posts. *tired*
Hey Dave,
family issues have calmed down and I am working on a new robot. I have always been creeping on the community and following all the cool stuff. I am also a new Grandpa for 2 weeks now, first one. So I have been busy making cradles, changing tables, cribs, etc. But now I can get back to robots YAY.
Thanks Bret for looking for good buys we can use.
South Africa
When I was searching for robots on ebay they were double the price thanks for showing these ones to us