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Easy Random Responses?

Is there a simple way of having random responses to a single voice command?


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Kind of...

I use a script which has a list of pre-defined responses set up and uses a random number to pick one of the responses.


# Get a response value
$response = GetRandom(0,100)

If($response = 0)
SayWait("This is the first response")
ElseIf($response = 1)
SayWait("This is the second response")
ElseIf($response = 2)
# You get the idea


GetRandom( Min, Max )
Returns a random number between Min and Max
Example: $x = GetRandom(10, 50)
There you go! I knew it was gonna be GetRandom, I just didn't know how to apply it.
All hail the sultan of script:)