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Easy Hardware Mods For The Irobot Create 2

The Create 2 from iRobot can be easily modified using additional parts from the 500 and 700 model Roombas. These modifications will allow the EZB(4) controller to be installed internally (out of sight) and allow more hardware to be installed within.

First the existing dust bin and vacuum/filter assembly can be removed and a 500 model "High Capacity" dust bin can be installed. The 500 model has no vacuum motor or filter assembly.

Second, the bottom plate can be removed and a 700 model bottom plate installed. What's nice about the 700 bottom plate is that the battery can be accessed by just removing two screws and lifting the battery access cover instead of the complete bottom plate.

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@Doc... I am so jealous... Still don't have mine... At least I am able to work on some software while I wait patiently for mine...

Lots of room under there for the ezb, batteries and other hardware...


@doc, is there another way (Maybe internally) to access the 7 pin plug other than to top of the Roomba? (I haven't taken a 500 series apart yet)... That way it will give the create a much cleaner look with everything inside....


Richard R. yes, you have to flip the PCA (Printed Circuit Assembly) upside down to access the solder points of the 7-pin jack. I did this once on a 500 model using 30 gauge wire and a fine tip soldering iron. Back then all that was available were class 1 bluetooth modules.

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Dude. Your STILL waiting for your create to arrive? That sucks. That's been quite a while now hasn't it? :(


Yep, it was originally shipped on Dec 19th... However, it never reached me... Got lost at the Canada/US border... They re-ordered for me but now they are backordered for a few weeks...:( Oh well... I will live vicariously through Robot-Doc until it comes...:D


Okay fine you two, you're going to have me go out and get the new one too aren't you... I see where this is going.:)