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Resolved Resolved by amin!

Ezbpi Server Camera Error

I realized that I am not able to flip the Raspberry Pi's camera, I get the following error message?

Error Camera.SetCaptureImage: AForge.Imaging.UnsupportedImageFormatException: Source pixel format is not supported by the filter.
bei AForge.Imaging.Filters.BaseTransformationFilter.CheckSourceFormat(PixelFormat pixelFormat)
bei AForge.Imaging.Filters.BaseTransformationFilter.Apply(BitmapData imageData)
bei AForge.Imaging.Filters.BaseTransformationFilter.Apply(Bitmap image)
bei EZ_B.Camera.x5wORRJh49(Object )

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Also I am getting timeout errors...
Camera Initialized: EZB:// @ 640x480

EZ-B v4 Camera Error: System.TimeoutException: Timeout für den Vorgang wurde überschritten.
bei EZ_B.EZBv4Video.DwiGDUj2lU(Int32 , Object )
Camera Disabled
The thing that happens is the following...
If I try and connect for the first time it refuses to connect because of a timeout,
then if I connect again...same thing.
It seems to try tty:1 and tty:0 
So if I connect for the third time, and keep connecting fast, it works!
It is not totally stable though, it stays put for maybe 15min and then drops out most of the times!

But one thing I should mention is, the Pi Zero is also having the Vision Bonnet as a hat,
and the camera runs thru the Vision Bonnet!
I was able to use it with other applications just like the ordinary Raspberry Pi Camera,
but this could also be something to keep in mind!

Did you try the Camera on a Pi Zero?
I will do some further testing on the Raspberry Pi 3, just to check for stability and performance!
Thanks for the explanation and the effort :). I don't have an Pi Zero but I will try to reproduce this issue on mine and see if there's anything to improve in the code. My guess is that the lower processing capacity of Zero is causing the instability issues and you shouldn't have problems like that with Pi 3.
Thanks for taking a closer look, my robot cannot fit a Raspberry Pi 3 into its head, so I am kind of depending to get this going on a Pi Zero!
Maybe someone could also give the EZBPi Server a try on the Pi Zero, just to confirm the issue?

I will mark this as solved for now, but it would be very cool if we would get a EZBPi Server that runs stable on the Pi Zero...
If possible!:)
#15   — Edited
So after experiencing more crashes, I went back to check my wiring...
And it seems that I just wanted to be too smart, trying to power the Pi Zero with the Vision Bonnets GPIOs!

If I am using the Micro USB slot, which is meant for powering the Pi, everything works fine!

I am still having trouble to get the connection established, but when the camera is connected, the server is running stable!
So it seems like the Pi Zero has enough power to send the camera stream without crashing!:)
Neat! Saves me some debugging time;)
amin - there's a pi zero in the raspberry pi box in jeremie's lab. Pretty sure it's in there - otherwise it's in the top drawer in my office