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EZ-Robot @ Beakerhead.Org held their launch party this evening. EZ-Robot was invited to contribute with our robots. Omnibot v1 and Omnibot 2000 were my dates.

All of 5 hours old, Omnibot 2000 took the stage with Jay Ingram from Discovery Channel as their band played Daft Punk - Around The World - On accoustic instruments too, very cool! A video presentation from the Naheed Nenshi (Mayor of Calgary) was displayed on the theater screen behind the Robots dance routine. Many other guests took stage to speak about the excitement of Beakerhead.

Hear the interview on CBC with DJ Sures and Jay Ingram by clicking here

Read the article from Calgary's Avenue Magazine

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Later Omnibot mingled with the crowd. He's using the latest (unreleased at the time of this post) ARC, which is Touch Tablet Friendly. New Touch Controls make it easier than ever to configure your robot.

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More details of the Omnibot 2000 build soon. In the meaintime, here is a sneak peak of the build I did last night for beakerhead. He took 10 hours to build between Tuesday and Wednesday. His head can look up, down, left and right. His camera allows tracking of faces, colors, motion. His arms have servos in elbows and shoulders. The motors are driven with the all new EZ-Robot Motor Controller. His front chest LCD displays short videos from an integrated iPod. And, the girls love him!

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OK DJ I think yer just teasing us now. Where is the info on the new motor controller and touch pad????? Details........details..........details...


I've always suspected that women really dig robots.;)

Can't wait for the additional info about the Omnibot 2K build, the new motor controller (what I've been waiting for!!!:D), and the touch tablet. I'm also interested in how you got Omnibot 2K to look up and down.

Great work as always, DJ!


This is unfair. Why do all the best events happen in everywhere but Australia.


That's because you live in Australia and it's awesome every day of the year!:) Here's in Canada we have to create events to distract us from the 6-8 months of cold/harsh winter stress


Wait. Did I just see a touch screen there?


You see it many times:)