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EZ-B V4/2 Too Slow In Wifi Client Mode


I've successfully connected to my EZ-B in Ad Hoc WiFi mode and configured it to connect to my home WiFi network.  It boots up and tells me it's connected and has a green flashing light.  In the EZ Builder app, I can scan and see it's address ( in my case).  When I try to connect to it, in EZ Builder, the connection fails due to the operation timing out.  If I do a port scan, nothing shows as open on the EZ-B.  If I type into my browser, I get the web page for the EZ-B - but it takes a _very_ long time to load.  This is the WiFi version: WiFi 3165 v2017.01.05.00

I've rebooted the EZ-B and the same thing happens.  My WiFi router is in the same room and is an AirPort Extreme.  Nothing else is this slow on my network. 

Any ideas what could be going on?


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try when you connect to the EZ -B V4

press the reset  and it will connect - in router then set the ip
No joy resetting the WiFi and putting the EZ-B back into client mode.  Same issue.

I’m not running an antivirus on the Mac or Raspberry Pi.

I plan on using a nano router in the robot anyway, so I put the EZ-B into client Wi-Fi mode on that, instead of my home router, and all is well again.
If you identify the cause, let us know. Some application or router compatibility is causing the symptom. However, it's never risen before.