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E-Mail And IM Notifications?

I'd like to build a robot that would let me know when I got E-mail from certain people, and possibly notify me if I get an IM. I don't have much use for remote controlled toys, but something like that would actually be very useful to me. I could make something like a "nabaztag rabbit internet", only in the form and shape I desire.

Is there support for that kind of plug-in available for the EZ Robot kits?

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Hey that would be very easy to make.

ARC does not have the ability for that, but in the future I can write something.

In the short term, you can write some very simple code in C# or Visual Basic using the EZ-SDK DLL. There is a System.net.mail (i think that's where it is). And you can provide username/password/etc to the smtp email check thingy and get back your email count. Then have your robot say "Hey dude, check it out! EMails from ___, ____, ____"

That would be fun! Let me know if it's something you're going to do and i'll give you a hand on here:)
LOL, Code? I wish. The whole reason I'm interested in the EZ kit is it's lack of need for coding. I make 3D models, and thanks to 3D model printers like Shapeways, I can now turn my models into any physical object I want. If I can get the right brains for my models, I can turn my art projects into something useful and interesting.

Right now I'm thinking I'd like to make a Companion Cube that pulses colored LED's and Vibrates when I receive E-mail.
If you want something to vibrate and pulse led's on email, then one of us could help you with it. It would only be about 10 or so lines of code:)
Il like it, is it possible to make an announcer for mail with beebs or a flashing lite.
Or with an mp3 "You've got mail":)
Yeah that would be super easy!

Let us know when you're ready to start designing:)