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E-Mail Notification Has Stopped

Hi EZ Robot,

My email Notification has stopped and I haven't gotten anything for the past day or so. Is this broken? I know this happen once before. Maybe it's happened again?


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Noting in Spam folder from EZ and settings still show enabled for Email Notification. I'll reset it to see if that helps.

United Kingdom

My inbox shows a small gap where no notifications were sent but they are coming in again now.

I have noticed, at times, the emails are a little delayed too but they usually catch up again pretty quickly.

No idea what that means or if it's of any use to anyone but you can never have too much information.


Could be. However it's been days scene I've gotten any. Not the end of the world for me but I hate missing things. ;)


A gap would be due to the SMTP server catching up to a lot of messages.

Only one message is sent per minute to keep spam rating low as we can.


OK, I just got 19 email notifications on past threads all at one time. Looks like the problem is solved. Now I can get a good nights sleep and not have to worry about this. ;)


lol, must be your email provider - I can see your emails going out at the correct times.


Ya, Road Runner sucks sometimes. Meep, Meep! eyeroll