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Dynamixel Actuator Support?

Excuse me if I have posted this in the wrong place.
I have read many messages regarding whether ez-b could support the Dynamixel actuator. I believe DJ ordered one back in October 2013 to experiment with it. Although probably not many ez-b users use them because of their cost and lack of serial support, they have been used by every major university, research lab, military & government research lab, and robotic competition worldwide. While you can hook them to the EZ-B as a dumb servo, the feedback features as well as the serial wiring is lost. Perhaps if all the features of the Dynamixel were supported, it would increase the user base to institutions of higher learning and research. Are there any plans to support their serial communications in ARC as a custom control?


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With Robotis being around 10-15 years and EZ-Robot only 2-3, I think we'll be seeing that trend starting to change here soon. If not just because of the cost but availability. There's no where in my city that I'm aware of that I can go and get a Dynamixle but, I can get a Hitech or Futaba servo at a few hobby stores. Worse case scenario a Radio Shack servo;) I don't know if the CM controllers will work with the standard RC servos we use with the EZB.

That being said, I too would like the support. I'd save up and spend the money on them if EZ does start to fully support them. I find all of the feed back very interesting and would like to play with one.
I'm making a humanoid using Dynamixel 12a's. If I can get something to work with it, I'll post it ASAP.
That's a four pin servo, similar to the HerkuleX servos. You would only be able to recieve, not send data. Back to the quality of these servos, they probably aren't that great, but if you don't put too much strain on it you should be alright.
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Never buy "knock off" servos, you will end up having to buy the real deal in the end so it's wasted money. If you really want to waste money just send it to me:)
Not to mention that you may not get what you buy. Alot of these knock-off servos on sites aren't even the same servo that's shipped, I'm dead serious. I've heard about people not even getting the servo whatsoever.
A few of them look like they have the dual 4 pin connectors. I was just looking at the robotis site and the and it looks like that's how they're set up. Except the DX and MX are dual 3 pin. How many pins are the dynamixles you're using? I'm guessing the dual ports are for daisy chaining?
the ax-12a are 40 bucks vs mx-28r that are for 200
in that case.....yeah id be interested in the v4 support for these guys.

precise movement. and relatively cheap.