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Dynamixel AX-18A Support

I noticed the Synthiam platform and some
Micro-controllers work with Dynamixel AX-12A. Will it also work with the AX-18A. I’m purchasing the Bioloid GP. The big brother to Bioloid Premium.


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Interesting - i've never seen the 18A servos from robotis dynamixel. Do they use the same protocol as the AX12? I would think, by it's naming convention, that they do. If that's the case, then the answer is yes. 

Otherwise, let me know and we can easily add support for the protocol changes into the plugin. 

Here's the plugin for dynamixel: https://synthiam.com/Products/Controls/Servo/Dynamixel-16142
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There are alot of new products and alot of discontinued dynamixels. I never got the two ($700) motors to work and now they are introducing all these new motors (XC and XH). They probably all have different protocols (like shown in your hack night). I dont want to buy any of the new ones for fear they a have indeed changed the protocol again. Probably should have Robotis send you some of  these new servos to test with.

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Do you still need the $700 ones to work? Maybe we can help if you ever end up needing to use them. I’m sure the protocol can’t be THAT different haha. Famous last words...
the ax-12 and the ax-18 use the same protocol. the others don't!