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Dual Connection Simultaneously? Tablet Plus Pc?

In the rover project we are creating for autonomous indoor light measurement we are interested in having the rover work autonomously from a PC that is installed on the rover. We would like the option to have a tablet interface at the same time for some high level functions such as start measuring and driving, etc. We want to have the robot navigate autonomously recording its position, light measurements, and other data while writing that to a flat file for further analysis. If the rover acts as the single-point IP connection which you can connect to it via a PC or Tablet. If we also put a wifi router on the robot, can the rover mounted PC and the remote tablet both work with the rover at the same time?


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The EZ-B can only be connected to by one device at a time, but if you are going to have a PC on board, then use that running ARC and running your EZ-B, and remote into it from a PC or tablet using TeamView/Splastop/VNC/ RDP or another remote control app.

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Or use the custom HTTP server and build a nice HTML interface that'll run on anything with a web browser.