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Dropped Ezb , Now Doesn't Work.

While working on Sunshine, I dropped the EZB. It's regulators bent. I bent them back. Now, the red light comes on, but the Blue light doesn't come on unless you mess with the board. It mainly stays off.


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Apparently a component has come loose from the copper foil trace on the PCB. Time for a magnifier glass and an inspection of the area where you suspect poor contact. The suspect area may be discovered when you mess with different sections of the board.
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Also remove and refit the IC, it may have come dislodged if you dropped it with enough force to bend the regulators.
thanks, guys , I will try that and let you know.
Sometimes traumatic stress can cause a fracture in the solder joint or even break the inside of the component where the leg enters. If it was bent like that the first thing I would try is testing the regulator for power and ground. If those fail then heat the solder for 2-4 seconds at the joint to reflow that connection. Then apply power and see if that resolved the issue. This was similar to Pranavs symptoms and we got his back working now.
It had a bad 2930 Regulator chip. I don't have one. So, more waiting.

I shorted it out because I can't see very well.


Thank All of you Very much. Too bad I can't give all of you credit. I just picked the 1st one to answer.