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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Downloaded Free Version... Then Updated To Pro Membership...

DJ, I downloaded the free version about three days ago and then today I decided to opt in for the pro version and I did that on my phone and made the payment. Well this just automatically open up the features of the pro membership to me or do I need to re-download again the program?

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Firstly, thanks - that means a lot! You won't need to redownload. Simply log into the software when prompted. You may only be prompted when needed on the free version. I do recommend using the Early Access channel, because it has the most recent bug updates. And when a new version comes out, you can just press the dismiss and delay updates.

If you ever want to change computers that ARC is licensed to, you can remove them in your subscription management portal here: https://synthiam.com/Account/Subscription

OR by clicking your AVATAR and selecting Subscriptions. Or by viewing the ARC page and selecting the Subscription Management Portal 

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Thanks. What is the incremental cost per  additional pro license?  If one decides to use an onboard SBC (as you have been advocating in the last year), as long as you don’t use more than 1 plug in and 10 voice controls, does it count against your two licenses?
By default the base subscription is 2 computers. You can manage the computers (add or change them) in the subscription portal mentioned above. But, if you need more than 2 computers at once, you can visit the product page and modify the subscription. I don’t recall but I believe it’s $4 per pc? And if there’s a lot needed, the enterprise agreements are negotiable. 

for some schools that have a lot of computers we provide discount subscriptions.