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Dont Know What This Means

Hello I'm playing with my new TV am feeding it the EZ-Rotot office can feed when I gota msg that iI don't understand

Note this photo

User-inserted image


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Check if your tv has a firmware update. It may not support the html5 feature that our camera update uses
It was working for awhile till you went and got a drink from the bar/kitchen lol that's when I got that pop up

I kinda wondered if you went and reset the cams

I love it on my new bigger screen tv:D now I can see faces not just little people

when I get a really big tv I should be able to read the scores on the pinball games lol
lol, you can see how terrible my score has been! although I do have the top score right now, which is rare:D
Your the boss you have to have top score lol

As it is I know that for many of us robot builders you get TOP billing
To some of us DJ Sures is the name of "GOD"