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Dome Drive

Hi, can anyone advise me what I need to buy in order to control a motor I have to move forwards and backwards?


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You need an H-bridge motor controller... Most folks prefer the one in the EZ Robot store here as the price is right as they say and it works well... I prefer the Sabertooth motor controller (you can google it to learn more) myself. They are way more expensive but much easier to set up and use...

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Thanks Richard, what else will I need all I have is a motor so I need the items to control it from my phone


@Jason... I assume you have an ezb and a battery, as you'll need them also... If you can use a servo (remember servos only rotates 180 degrees though, so if you need more than a half rotation then they won't work) for your project instead of a dc motor then you won't need the H-bridge at all... Servos can be controlled directly from the ezb4...

Other than that, add a few controls in ARC and you can be up in running in a few minutes... I do suggest you go through the learn section on here and read up on any pertinent info that will help you get started....

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Hi, thanks so much for the reply I am very sorry I took so long to reply. The motor is a DC motor it is to turn the head of an R2D2 unit so needs to spin all around in both directions with speed control.

I am an absolute novice and do not own anything at all, apart from the motor so advice on what kit to buy would be very helpful, Thanks again


Perhaps the EZ Robot developer's kit and the H-bridge for now.... What you need to do in the mean time is read through as many tutorials (on here) that you feel are relevant to your project as possible... Download ARC and start playing with it.... YouTube videos on various subjects will help immensely as well... Check out DJ's Wall-e build... It will give you an idea on what is needed for these kind of builds...

You can't run until you learn how to walk first... You're going to need to learn some basics first before doing what you want to do.... That's why I recommend the developer's kit.... It has everything you need in order to master some of the basic electronic, programming and mechanical skills you'll need in your R2 project....


Jason I use a syren 10 in my R2 dome and use the send serial command from EZ robot to control it. Works great :)

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Thanks Richard you were really helpful although the run walk part wasn't really needed I have no interest in learning how it all works thats why Im on here, 'EZ' robot as in EASY lol:) I really want to buy the kit I need and plug and play, but I do appreciate the time and answers you've given so thanks man and God bless. Oh and not dismissing your advice I will be watching youtube to get an understanding of what I need to buy :)

@Jayutmb Im googling Syren 10 right now, thanks :)


If you don't want to learn the basics then you are going to struggle with this putting it all together... There is no plug n' play version, i'm afraid...

It wasn't a shot at you by the way....

Good luck...

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Thanks Richard, I was under the mis understanding that this stuff was plug n play, I've been on youtube watching videos and getting to grips with the basics it seems I need the Ez brain to receive signal from my phone or playstation controller, connect that to a syren 10a then that to my motor. Really appreciate your help and I hope my sense of humour didn't cause offence, thanks again :)


The Revolution bots are pretty much plug and play (although you still need to take the tutorials), because there are sample projects so you can put them together and start your robot moving right away. There is still huge expansion capability to make the robot do things beyond the basics.

But you are talking about building a custom robot, with your first question about how to hook up a 3rd party motor. Building custom stuff is going to require that you learn some things.

Luckily, a lot of us love helping, so feel free to ask questions and we'll answer or point you in the right direction.