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Does Mobile Version Support Smart Camera Features Like Detect Objects,Colours,Qr

I have just finished my certain smart camera features. It works well on Windows but not on Android. Is it got to do with my coding on mobile or it itself doesnt support?


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What's not working exactly? Could you give a little more detail of what's happening, or rather not happening. Also, do you have the latest Android app version that's available?


Steve G, I have the Android app. Its only showing the camera's view but its not detecting any faces, colors, objects event though I put the functions in the mobile. But its working perfectly in the Windows version.

This is my file. Please check the mobile version only.FYPRevolutionSix.EZB

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I'm not able to look at your project at the moment. The only thing I can say at the moment is have you got the latest Android OS version on your device? Have you downloaded the latest ARC version? Did you save your latest changes to your project to the cloud?


The mobile version of the camera control does not currently support tracking - this is a performance limitation that we are working on addressing.

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That would explain it. But I do have a possible solution for you. If you wanted to use tracking features on a mobile device there is a work around. You could do what I'm doing for now, and use a VCN remote app that connects to your PC and have pretty much full control over ARC and your robot. It's a good solution to think about using until the mobile apps support the tracking features.