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Does Each Ez-B V4 Have A Unique Identifier Accessible From ARC?

I'm just wondering if, in a lab containing 25 or more EZ-Bs, each controller might have a unique ID in the firmware that can be accessed via EZ-Builder. I realize that assigned IPs will distinguish between the controllers for communication purposes. However from a system standpoint, unique IDs might help tighten cloud security when local ARC scripts retrieve data from or store data on a remote server.

Any ideas?



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Nothing directly accessible from EZ-B, but each EZ-B has a unique MAC address and you can query the MAC address by the IP using the ARP command, so you would write a script that executes a windows batch or cmd file. The windows batch file would execute: arp -a ip address of ezb > a filename . then you could do a file read to pull the mac address into a variable.

The file will look something like this (note - I was not querying an EZ-B, but it will be similar):


Interface: --- 0xb
Internet Address Physical Address Type 6c-f0-49-7a-93-19 dynamic

What you want for the unique EZ-B address is the last 2 digit pairs of the physical address.

There may be other, simpler solutions.

Wow, Alan! What a straightforward solution! (I've been away from NICs and TCP/IP too long.)

When the EZ-B is connected, it's 64 byte unique identifier will be displayed in the debug window. You can copy and paste the text from the debug window after connecting to an ez-b to obtain the unique identifier.