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Do Ya Feel Me Bro?

I ran across this on eBay.

I began thinking...wouldn't this be cool to add touch sensors under the plastic casing of our robots and make them even more interactive?! Image it playing a particular script if touched under its "arms" or play a sound file when pet.

Here is an info grab of this particular device that only uses one input to read 8 sensors! (ignore the "A" word). Even if this one isnt compatible I know there are some capacitive sensors that are.

- Arduino interface shield that provides 8 capacitive touch detection circuits
- Interfaces to the Arduino through only one Arduino pin!
- Uses high speed, half-duplex soft serial' to communicate with the Arduino this let's you choose any Arduino pin for communication with the XCTS-8A.
- Arduino library for XCTS-8A is available for download
- Capacitive Touch Sense technology is a reliable alternative to mechanical switches - There are no moving parts to wear out or corrode over time
- Senses touch through any non-conductive material like glass, plexiglass, tile, wood, plastic, drywall, etc.
- Sensitivity of the Touch Sense circuitry is adjustable to support a wide range of overlay materials and thicknesses - up to 1" thick or more
- Create custom touch sense plates using any conductive material such as copper tape, copper clad board, or even some random small metal objects
- On-board LEDs provide visual feedback when touch is detected, 8 indicator LEDs display the state of the touch sense circuits
Any application that calls for pushbuttons or toggle switches
Invisible switch - hidden behind any non-conductive surface like tile, wood, drywall, etc.
Replacement of mechanical pushbutton or toggle switches with reliable solid state Capacitive Touch switches
Capacitive Proximity switch - sensitivity can be set high enough to detect the nearby presence of a person, animal, or any other object containing trace amounts of moisture.
Moisture sensor switch - this circuit can detect the presence of moisture nearby (within 1/2") without having to come in direct contact with the moisture itself.
This is an intermediate electronic kit containing 38 components and 1 PCB, and can be assembled in about 1 hour
Designed and packaged in the USA


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There is touch sensor film you can get in strips , glue them down, even paint over them. Maybe a handfull of those would give the robot surface sensation